Fitting in Fitness

Hi! My name is John, and I’m a grad student at San Diego State University. I’ve always been a career-first kind of guy–putting my work, involvements, and school in front of my self. As a result, my relationships with other people have suffered and I’ve let my health slide.

While I was starting graduate school, I was briefed on the hectic chaos that would ensue once my program started. I was told that I had to learn how to say “no”. I had to take time for myself.

When I graduated college, I weighed over 220 lbs. I managed to put on over 60 pounds of weight through college. Even before that, I wasn’t happy with my body image. That said, when I finally moved into my new apartment, graduated from college, and had “free time” before the start of my program, I became committed to finding a new me.

While a lot of the metrics I talk about might be weight loss oriented, my weight is only a piece of a bigger picture.  I come from a family of disease and sickness. Both sets of my grandparents and my father have been diagnosed, treated, or passed away with some sort of cancer relating the digestive system. My dad had type II diabetes as well as a stroke and high blood pressure. Genetically, I’m a hodgepodge for future illness.

With these cues in place, I set out to start a journey towards fitness. I used the gym as time for myself, as an opportunity to take time of myself as I continued graduate school. Six months later, I’m over 20 pounds lighter, and inspired to continue finding a better self. Even though I work two assistantships, go to school full time, and maintain two separate volunteer roles, I always remember to find time to be at the gym. I remember to find time for myself.

That said, Fitting in Fitness isn’t about time management, or shortcuts in the gym. Of course I’ll share resources that have been beneficial and inspirational to me, but at the end of the day, Fitting in Fitness isn’t about how to fit fitness in my day but about where fitness fits into my life. I’m starting Fitting in Fitness as a way to share this journey with my friends, and hopefully serve as a source of inspiration for many others.


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