How I packed my meals in 15 minutes

My first meeting of the day starts at 8 AM tomorrow and my last one ends anywhere between 7-8 PM. That’s before I have to go home, go to the gym, and get ready for another day of meetings after that. I’m not too thrilled.

I just got home from my last meeting about 30 minutes, and in the time I got home, got settled, and started writing this post… I also packed all my meals, breakfast, two lunches, and my dinners for tomorrow. Within my macros.

For the synopsis, head on over to my food log for January 20, 2015 and check out what I’m planning on eating for the day.

For the slightly longer version: THANK YOU COSTCO.

My meals consist of microwavable oatmeal that I can bring to work in case I run late in the morning, and a 4 oz. serving of smoked salmon. It’s a little higher in sodium than I’d usually opt for, but I figured I deserved a treat if I’m gonna stay sane throughout the day.

My first lunch of the day involves some pre-sliced steak and refrigerated (from Costco), frozen broccoli (from Costco) that I threw into a tupperware, and half a container of microwavable brown rice (from Costco).  Get the trend? The steak I’ll be eating cold like some cold cut, with my broccoli and microwavable brown rice which will heat up and finish cooking in the microwave tomorrow.

My second meal consists of Kirkland pre-cooked chicken breasts that I’ll eat on my drive from meeting to meeting, along with broccoli that I will heat up and eat along the way.

Because I’m buying everything in bulk… nothing is too pricey and I’m still spending less money than I normally would eating out all of my meals.

I also brought a MusclePharm Combat Bar to hold me over in case I want a snack somewhere in there  and I also planned for my 2 daily shakes intra- and post-workout.

Because I knew I’d be home late, and I’d have to sleep early so I could get up early tomorrow, I was grateful for the stock of food I kept in the pantry/refrigerator. Food that rarely goes bad. This saved me a ton of time.

Granted, my sodium level is a little overboard, and this isn’t the most balanced/fresh meals I could be eating, I’d rather compromise with some pre-packaged but clean meals, than eating out when I don’t need to.

Perhaps my biggest tip for the day is entering my “planned” meals the night before when I pack my meals… That way I know how much I can pack for and plan for any meals that I’ll be eating out.

Being busy isn’t an excuse. Working isn’t an excuse. Plan ahead and you will prevail. If there is a will, there is a way. I found my way to fit fitness into my life, how do you do it?

Taking a moment to give a huge shout out to Kris Gethin. He continue’s to be my motivation and teacher. Check out his new line of supplements and his website as well at:

I even got some advice from him today… Thanks Kris!

In the meantime, check out my instagram for some diet food inspirations and updates from my life!

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