Creating my own plan

Creating my own workout plan for the 12 weeks was no straightforward task. Having just come off of a 12-week plan from a successful and well-published plan, I was more than a little nervous to navigate the gym without Kris Gethin in the back of my head telling me to push harder (or on my BodySpace app… you get the point).

In fact, it took me two whole days before I finally mustered up the courage to walk downstairs and see what equipment was available to me in my apartment complex’s gym. Now I realize that this sounds crazy to be writing about… but it was my first time at a new gym since I started my journey about a year ago. It’s also the first time in about 10 months that I haven’t been on a plan by

Needless to say, I was a little nervous. It wasn’t until I finally started out a week after moving in, when I started pacing towards the dumbell rack, that I realized everything I’ve been doing for the past year has only taught and prepared me to succeed in the gym on my own.

And thus, I’ve incorporated the training principles of Kris Gethin and the numerous other bodybuilders that he’s incorporated in his workout programs into my day to day workouts as well.

On any given day, my workout includes 4-5 different exercises that stresses the particular muscle group(s) of the day in different ways. I’ll provide an example. On Tuesdays, I workout my chest and triceps. My workout includes 4 exercises that involve my chest and another 3-4 exercises that work my triceps. The chest workout includes standard bench presses, incline dumbell presses, dumbell flyes, and cable crossovers. Depending on the week I might also add additional dumbell presses, decline bench presses or a dumbell pullover. Because the triceps are a secondary muscle group to most of these exercises, I work them out slightly lighter, with some combination of rope pulldowns, close grip bench ¬†presses, tricep extensions, or skull crushers.

Regardless, I try to mix things up so I always keep my chest working.

I typically start my sets with 2 warm up sets of 8-10 reps and every other week I do reps in the ranges of 8-10 to 12-16 so that I can workout different muscle fibers.

Three weeks in, I can say that it’s definitely been a brutal workout. In addition, instead of logging my workouts on my app or on a notepad, I’m making sure that I’m hitting my rep ranges and completing the minimum number of sets. I’ve found that every week I’ve been able to add an additional exercise.

This is an excellent break from Kris’s workout and an excellent way to keep toned and in shape while I wait to start a new program… once I’m back in SD in August.

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