Fitting in an hour of cardio in a day

Kris’s new 4weeks2shred is intense. And appropriately so. The program includes weight training schedules 4 times a week and at least 30 minutes of cardio training 2 times a day, 7 days a week. That means on my lifting days, I can easily need to spend up to 2 hours in the gym.

Yes. 2 whole hours.

For us working folk that spend 8 hours in bed and 8 hours at work, that’s a 2 hours from the short 8 hours of free time that we have. Let me make my life a little more fun for you.

I’m currently at the DC office for NASPA where I’m the Grad intern.  Being an intern on an intern budget, I don’t actually live in DC, but in northern Virginia instead. This means on any given day, I can spend up to an additional hour stuck walking to and fro and deep within the metro system going one way. Yes, that’s an additional two hours down, where I have no signal and can’t get work or really anything done (other than work on these posts….)

So needless to say, when my fellow interns found out that I was embarking on this during my last 4 weeks in DC…Most of my peers thought I was crazy for trying to attempt this. “Enjoy the city,” they say. “You need to get a life,” they say. Well, of course, I got creative.

One of Kris’s periscope sessions gave me the great idea of walking as a form of cardio. So with my obsessive nature to make things more efficient… I walk as much as I can before leaving they actual Washington area…. To the metro that takes me between DC to VA.

Coincidentally, this process takes exactly 30 minutes, the amount of cardio assigned to the PM time. I realized I could just start walking home for cardio! At leat part of the way.

I’ve been doing this since Wednesday this week and it’s fantastic. Not only am I exploring the city and getting my cardio in, by the time I get to the metro, the traffics died down enough to a point where I don’t even mind it. My routine currently includes walking past a slew of museums and the US Capitol. Next week I’m going to try some other routes and see what else I can find.


Tomorrow I’m making cardio fun but crossing off a “to-do” item. There’s a trail near where I stay that’ll allow me to see airports take off directly from the airport. Updates to come!

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