My current workout

I decided to add a link on the top of my page to have easy access to my “current workout.”

Since I’m currently in DC, on certain days of the weekend where I know I’ll be touring the city and visiting the museums, I might skip actual cardio time in the gym and opt for some “active rest” instead. These days typically involve me walking well over 15k steps since most of the city is accessible by foot. This is just to give my body time to adjust to the increased amount of walking and cardiovascular exercises that my body isn’t use to.

Below is the excerpt from the page. This page is always accessible through the top navigation bar or directly at:

While I’m usually all over BodySpace (thanks to during the summer I’m exploring some of the equipment I don’t usually have access to during the year. This includes an assisted barbell machine, a lying leg curl machine and a decline bench. My current workout split is as follows:
Monday: Back/biceps

Tuesday: Legs/Abs

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Chest/Triceps

Friday: Shoulders/Abs/Calves

Weekends: Cardio/Active Rest

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