3 days into 4Weeks2Shred

I don’t usually post twice in a day but Kris asked how we were doing… so I guess I felt obligated to say something. I’m currently on Kris Gethin’s 4Weeks2Shred program available through his own site (not bodybuilding.com). I won’t lie… it is brutal.

I will say that I don’t whole-heartedly follow an “online trainer” for training, nutrition, AND, supplementation advice, not even Kris during the 12-Week daily video trainer. But I’m making an exception. I’ve dived in the deep end and boy is it deep.

The reduced carbohydrates and going wheat, dairy, and gluten free cold-turkey was a bit of a shock. Day one I kept feeling hungry… probably because my body is used to all the junk. It’s not impossible because I know when I feel “hungry” I just need to feed my body clean calories to shut it up. I’m making sure that I’m feeding myself the necessary macros (230g protein, 130 complex carbs) and eating green veggies to keep me full.

So far I’ve had a back/bicep day, shoulder/tricep day, and active rest day. The workouts are brutal. All the sets follow his DTPXtreme principle, which incorporates the concepts of rest/pause and drop sets. The longer rest time between sets remind me of training for strength — short reps to failure and longer rest time to recover.

It’s a pretty different style from the workout I was previously doing so I’m definitely feeling it — all in good ways of course.

Supplementation isn’t too out of the ordinary but I’m definitely taking more BCAA’s than usual. I’ve officially converted to using his BCAA powder (branded under Kaged Muscle) and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s flavorless so when I take it first thing in the AM, I mix it in my water and take it with my other AM supplements.

While brutal, I’m definitely enjoying myself on this program — can’t wait to see results in 4 weeks!

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