Supplementation is by no means a replacement for dedication and hard work. Without the proper nutrition and work out, all the supplementation in the world couldn’t help you reach your fitness goals.

That being said, I do believe that supplementation has its place in a strong program. Below are supplements that I like with my personal recommendations. Everyone has their preferences and a lot of these things come down to preference.

I get all my supplements from or from Costco.

Last Update: Jun 2017


Things that I look for: Citrulline, BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Betaine, Creatine. I’m currently building my own stack because I won a set from Kaged Muscle but when I don’t have the individual building blocks I use…


When I take it: 20 minutes before a workout

Why I take it: Kaged Muscle is a brand by Kris who I’ve learned to trust as a trainer and a person. His labels are fully transparent so I know what’s in it. It’s packed with all off the different things that I look for to give me a good pump for a workout.

Other Recommendations: Pre-Jym


Things that I look for: BCAAs, something to hydrate me, good flavor! I typically go for Alpha Amino but I’m currently using Kaged Muscle BCAAs, Gluatmines, and Citrullines mixed with Hydra-charge. It’s a great combo but when I’m feeling lazy to mix something up I use…


When I take it: While I work out

Why I take it: In the afternoon when I have cardio after weights, I appreciate the light caffeine content which helps get me through the afternoon. On days where I’m watching coffee or I plan on doing something like HIIT training, I’ll avoid too much caffeine.

Other Recommendations: Alpha Amino, Post-Jym (it has Carnitine, which is perfect before the cardio session while on #4weeks2shred)


Things that I look for: BCCAs and Creatine to help support muscle gain and growth. I’m currently taking….

Post-Jym by Jim Stoppani

When I take it: immediately after weight training, prior to cardio training if I’m doing extended steady state following a weight session.

Why I take it: BCAAs and Creatine that support muscle growth, along with a scientifically backed mix of other supplements such as beta-alanine, taurine,  carnitine, glutamine, betaine, and taurine to help support muscle recovery. I can go on and on about each of these things but you can see for yourself on

Other Recommendations: Re-Kaged if you’re looking for additional proteins to recover

Non-workout related

Upon Wakening

Fish oils, a multivitamin, HMB, RSP Amino Lean (BCAA, CLA, and L-carnitine matrix) and NOW EGCG.

Throughout the day

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder

When I take it: In the afternoon in conjunction with other snacks as an additional “meal”

Why I take it: Best bang for your buck if you get it from Costco (US), by far one of the best tasting proteins I’ve tried

Other Recommendations: Re-Kaged or Dymatize Iso-100 for ultrafast absorption after workouts

Before Bed

More Fish oils, HMB and MuscleTech Peanut Butter Chocolate Casein Powder.