Day 1 of Round 2 – 12 Week Daily Video Trainer with Kris Gethin

My 12 week program ended a week ago and I’ve taken the liberty to have a week to myself to recuperate and rest. Today was day 1 of my second round of the 12 week daily video trainer with Kris Gethin.

I got my best friend, Jerry, to join me for this 12 week challenge which will lead me up to the day that I leave for my internship in DC. Yay for the next 12 weeks! Who else wants to join us?!

Normally people say that you shouldn’t stick on programs for more than 3 months at a time because your muscles get so used to it but Kris’s program is separately made up of individual programs that take up 2-3 weeks at a time. This means that realistically, I never do the same work out at any point in the 84 days.. Brutal huh?

I’m excited to start this program with a workout buddy. Even though we’ll be working out at separate gym, it’s nice being able to connect over the program, even if its just through text! This motivates me to push myself harder through the bodyspace app by Here’s to a successful day one, and can’t wait for chest/triceps tomorrow!

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