Fitting friends into fitness

When I first started going to the gym, I was afraid I would have to sacrifice even more of the scarce amount of time I had to spend with my friends. I knew I’d be able to schedule the occasional “group” workouts, but I knew that my gym and meal prep time would cut into my personal life.

What made things worse was that I never did well working out with other people — when plans would go wrong, I’d feel less compelled to complete my workout. It didn’t help that all my close friends lived at least 20 minutes away from me.

It’s not impossible, however to make it work. A few months into this journey, I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to inspire a few other people in my life to eat better, start exercising, or simply finding a new them. Being their inspiration consistently motivates me.

My best friend, Jerry, recently told me how he wanted to make a change like I did. He got a gym membership, started a Bodyspace, and started asking me about foods to eat and good protein powders. I encouraged him to start easy, eat clean, and try the delicious cookies and cream combat powder from MusclePharm that’s available from Costco. We were both happy when we found out that it was on sale for 35 for a 5 lb tub, down from the original cost of $44.

We went back to my place and I showed him proper form for his first chest day ever. He was so intimidated by the idea of a bench press that he started his warm up with 10 lb dumbbells. He ended up realizing he could press 50. We both ended up with a great chest day, although he claimed his triceps were so sore he had issues moving them when we started cooking.

I wanted to teach him how easy it was to make food that was not only good for you, but food that tasted great. We had a lean “cut” meal including steak, smashed cauliflower, and steamed broccoli under an hour.

Nights like this make me realize that it’s not impossible to fit friends into fitness… Having my buddy on a bench next to me gave me the motivation I needed to push hard even after a long day at work. His reaction to beta-alanine was also hilarious. Tell me, how do you fit friends into fitness? I’d love to hear from y’all!

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