Fitting in Fitness for two months away

Being in DC for two months made me nervous for a variety of reasons. For one, it’d be my first time away from San Diego, which has become my home in the last 5 years, for an extended duration of time. I was also going to be starting my internship in a national association that worked with professionals in my field. There was also a small level of uncertainty when it came to my housing situation and who my roommates would be. It didn’t help that the internship came with intern income and DC does not have a low cost of living.

Knowing that I’d be away from the gym that I’ve become comfortable with made me nervous. What was I going to do without my shelf of supplements? Will the dumbells work the same? I ended up realizing that I had a good amount of supplements from my previous order. I would have enough whey to last me at least 2 weeks, and some protein bars to last me the duration of summer.

Thanks to the speed of’s fulfillment I was confident in my ability to start my new orders once I arrived. I decided that this would be a time for me to try out new supplements and step out of my Muscle Pharm comfort zone, and experiment with supplements that were on sale.

This strategy worked for a number of reasons. Thanks to Southwest, I got 2 checked bags. The food and supplements that I brought over would end up being luggage space for the things that I’d want to bring back with me like accumulated stuff that comes with traveling and souvenirs for the roommates.

Since I’ve arrived, I tried BSN’s Syntha-6 protein, TrueGril Pre, and I’m planning on getting a new post-workout/BCAA supplement when my Muscle Pharm Hardcore Gainz runs out.

Shoutout to to helping me make it through the 2 months and Kris Gethins for teaching me to control my environment and face fear!

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