Fitting in Fitness on an Intern Budget

Living in DC is by no means cheap. In fact, I think I’ve finally found one place that’s actually more expensive to live in over San Diego, not that it’s something I’m happy about. Throw on the fact that I’m in an internship that allows me to afford the basic necessities, well it’s easy to fitness slip behind. 

One thing that being on a budget definitely helps with — going out for drinks is definitely out of the question. While I try to avoid alcoholic beverages on the regular due to its effects on your fatty acid metabolism (and the fact that its basically pure calories with no macronutrient benefit), it becomes even more of an incentive to not go out when drinks are 10-15 dollars a pop. 

When it comes to my day to day meals, I’ve become grateful to be an owner of a Costco card. I’ve found that my Costco card allows me to purchase giant bags of frozen broccoli for only a few dollars. This is my primary source of vegetables, and complex carbs when I’m having a lower carb day.

In fact, the only thing that adds substantial cuts to my budget are my supplements and meat related foods. I’ve found that by purchasing lean meats in bulk at Costco, I’ve been able to save pretty tremendously. I also purchase rotisserie chickens en mass that are only 5 dollars each – a quick and easy way to get lean protein into my diet.

For my supplements, I’ve reduced to a bare minimum. My pre-workout was a buy-one, get-one deal. My post workout was on sale. My current protein powder is by MusclePharm which is being sold in 5 lb tubs at Costco. This has allowed me to reduce my spending on supplements.

I am using MyFitnessPal to make sure that my macronutrient needs are being met and that I’m watching my day to day food intake since it becomes so easy to over eat carbs when your food is largely prepared.

While i will fully own up to the fact that this probably isn’t the healthiest way, I also don’t have the money to afford fresh groceries, a rare commodity in a city like DC. I’m grateful I’m able to keep meeting my macros and eat delicious foods. I seem to be getting consistent results so I definitely can’t complain!

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