Fitting in fitness when work wants to take over

I’m a career-oriented person. There’s no doubt in that. I make the work that I do a priority in my life because I care about the students that I work with and I understand the impact that I can have. People definitely notice the attention that I give my work and I do my best to remain connected to my personal life but at the same time there are days when it seems ridiculous.

This morning I found out I would have to head into work early for a series of interviews that I wasn’t planning to sit in on. While it seemed like a no brainer in the moment that I should be there for my students, I lived with the guilt of missing my morning leg day workout the entire drive, and walk to work.

Those of you who know me know that I need a certain amount of routine in my life and I have my moments of being stubborn. When work interfered with my gym life, I felt like I was betraying myself. My gym time was time I dedicated to myself and time I allowed myself to take away from work.

I had to quickly refocus though. Even though I had to let my work take over for the morning, when I returned in the evening I’d be pushing myself 110% in the gym. I had to remind myself to use this as a form of motivation to push even harder later on. Gym time might have to wait, but it will definitely happen at some point.

There are times where different parts of your time will be pulling you at different angles trying to spread you as thin as possible. Your job, when this happens, is to be flexible, and get creative. Don’t give in, and hang in there. That’s what I have to do, even if it just takes a little writing to get there.

One thought on “Fitting in fitness when work wants to take over

  1. Hi John!

    Thanks for sharing this it is nice to know I am not alone. I can totally relate and this clash between my work, school, and fitness life has pretty much been this entire month of February lol. What I have been trying to work on is just as you do- be forgiving of myself when I have to delay gym time but when I get it I make sure to kill it 🙂

    Keep up all of your great progress! It is so motivating to watch 😀

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