I’m in DC! Yay steps!

With the end of my Spring semester throughout the past couple of months, blogging has been a luxury that I could not afford. At least not at the cost of my gym time. I’m grateful to say that I’ve finished my second round of the 12 week plan liked I had planned and I’ve officially started my internship in Washington, D.C.!

DC has been interesting to say the least. I miss my car a lot, but my Apple Watch seems to love the fact that I’m walking more. I’ve managed to hit my move goal on a near-daily basis since the first day I’ve been here – Yay!

I don’t have a scale during my time here so my weight won’t be recorded… But I can definitely say that I’m noticing changes in appearance and in how my clothes are fitting as well.

In many ways, my training hasn’t changed in intensity, but I’ve added additional cardiovascular workouts through the amount of walking that happens. Yesterday I managed to walk over 5.5 miles, but because I rely on the metro and walking to and from the station to work and home…. I try to work in power walks to amp up my low-intensity cardio and raise my heart rate just a little to get some work out in.

This alone has made recovery a little easier because the blood is pumping all the time… and the calorie burn has allowed me to feel good about trying new eateries in the city.

If anything, this has become motivation for me to walk more and move more when I return to San Diego so I can gulf down some carne asada fries here and there!

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