Meeting Kris Gethins

It was almost a month ago that I had the opportunity to meet Kris Gethins — my long time fitness inspiration and self-proclaimed celebrity bodybuilding trainer. Kris is rolling out his supplement brand to Vitamin Shoppes across the country. Needless to say I was a bit emotional.

Kris and the KM brand has been a huge inspiration in my life and has helped me learn so much about dedication, control, fitness, and health. It’s been a full 3 weeks and the inspiration has not yet left me.

There are times where it gets hard. Where life wants to keep you busy. When your environment wants to take over and prevent me from being my best self. I’m grateful to have role models like Kris and supportive friends who have pushed me along the way and helped me become better.

3 weeks later and I’m still on track and 4 pounds down. I’m getting a inBody body fat analysis tomorrow so I’m excited to report back on bf% loss!

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