My Next Level: Goals and expectations

4% bf down. I’m officially putting this on paper.

Two week ago I registered for’s newest My Next Level Challenge sponsored by the one and only Kris Gethin and Kaged Muscle Supplements.

For the longest time I knew my goal was dropping more body fat. Today I checked my body fat percentage on my scale and I dropped two more pounds, while maintaining the same body fat percentage – likely water weight dropped from starting an anti-inflammatory diet.

I’m not sure if this is even realistic at this point, mostly because I’m measuring everything on a foot scale body fat meter… but I’m going to try my hardest. So far, I’m 1 week in and going strong. I haven’t started the 4weeks2shred program yet because I’m still “bulking up” from the last cut. We’ll see how this goes…

Tomrrow, the 4weeks2shred will start up in full force. I can’t wait and I’m super excited!

There’s some doubt in myself that exists in this process.. I’m going to be starting school and work. Time to not procrastinate and schedule gym time….

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