Reflecting on this week

“If you want to look like most people, don’t. You have to do what most people won’t” – Kris Gethin

I’m officially 2/3s of the way in Kris Gethin’s 12 week Daily Video Trainer from, after finishing my 8th week on the program and starting the first week of the Dynamic Transformation Principle. Kris Gethin is well known for his DTP program which he developed for transforming bodies… One week in… I can definitely see why. I’m noticing changes in my body and the day after working out reminds me of my first week back in the gym.

DTP involves working out alternating muscle groups in supersets with no rest in between. Man…. is it a workout.

Even though my entire body is sore,. I remind myself that this was the feeling that I missed when I had my shoulder injury. That being sore is an indicator that I pushed myself… that I’m making progress.

Trainer and writer for Ashley Conrad once said”Being forced to struggle is truly one of life’s greatest blessings, depending on how you deal with it.” She made me think about people like my roommate of four years in college who ate whatever he wanted and managed to keep his 6 pack. She made me realize while I would probably save a lot of time in the gym and preparing my meals, it was the hard that I put in everyday that makes me grateful for the results that I get.

Although I’m a little scared for the next 4 weeks of the program, I’m also excited for the results that it could bring. Here’s to the DTP program and making progress!

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