Two Months With an Apple Watch

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about two months at this point as a primary fitness tracker and I don’t ever plan on ever looking back. The Watch has transformed the way that I access and assess my fitness level on a day to day basis — and it’s a little addicting. The at-a-glance approach allows me to see the progress on my move, exercise, and stand goals (lower middle circular graph, outside in respectively)

IMG_3181The watch calculates your “exercising” time based off of your heart rate and movement and also provides information on how often you’re standing in a day. This is also translated and coded into the corresponding exercise in MyFitnessPal. For example if I log an elliptical exercise, it’ll be properly translated onto my MFP.

A few other things that are really helpful for people who need doses of positive reinforcement is the use of badges. Badges are awarded based on all three types of activity (move, activity, and stand goals) and sometimes a combination of the three. There are  badges that are awarded when goals are met, when goals are met across time, and when new records are set.

There’s even a list of achievements that you can use as a way to see the types of progress you are making.


Apple’s attention to detail is pretty impressive. When you click on each badge your name and date is engraved on the back. Even though it’s a small gesture, it makes the digital badge seem all the more real.
IMG_3186The month and week view are also both excellent ways of keeping track of progress. I’ve been making good progress since I’m walking everywhere in DC… but I can imagine that this would be helpful for understanding my activity level when I’m back in San Diego and relying in cars.


People have their opinions about Apple’s latest product. Being an early adopter of basically any given Apple technology — I’m a huge fan. I use the Watch on a daily basis to interact with my texts, calendar, and other notifications. The huge plus is knowing that whether I’m actively using my watch or not, it’s tracking my activity and helping me stay motivated!

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