Half way through #4weeks2shred

I know it’s been a week since I posted — thank you for everyone who’s reached out in the past week. I promise I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon! The shred has still been on, but the past week has been brutal.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the doubt that follows along this plan is real. I end up feeling tired at the end of most days so I’ve been a little MIA.

That being said, I’m loving the progress I’ve witnessed so far.  To quote Kris – this is one of those moments where you have to “do as I say, and not as I do”. Being in a temporary housing situation, a scale is something I don’t readily have access to. Thus, I can’t really report any number changes– Don’t worry though, I’ll update you all as soon as I can.

A little fun update – I managed to win a contest for Kris Gethin’s and Kaged Muscle’s brand new supplement stack – pre-kaged in-kaged and re-kaged. More details on this soon but this stack is sick. Check out the details at the link I just posted but I can’t wait to get my hands on them!



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