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I’m currently training on Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Daily Video Trainer. The entire daily video trainer includes daily videos on the workouts, printable plans, a PDF of the 12 week schedule and more. With a free account, you can get email reminders, subscribe to a calendar, or have the workout applied to the Bodyspace app on your phone so you can track your workouts at the gym.

I’m an avid user of the printed calendar, calendar subscription feature, and Bodyspace app. Every day after my workout (or at the end of a rest day) I cross the day off with a highlighter. The small little checkmark becomes part of my positive reinforcement. Seeing the 12 weeks fill up in blue highlighter makes 84 days seem manageable. I like having the at-a-glance view so I know what body part I can plan to workout next. The calendar subscription gives me the freedom to plan my life around certain workouts that I know I’ll want to spend more time on, and each calendar event actually contains a link to the full workout so I always can plan my workouts ahead of time. The Bodyspace app not only acts as an excellent tracker at the gym, but also provides a weekly recap on how I performed as well as useful information such as my one-rep max and a log of how much I’m lifting.

Having such a tangible connection to the Bodyspace community at has been essential to my success and huge foundations to the progress I’ve made thus far. I highly encourage you to check out some programs and get plugged into the community. Add me on Bodyspace @john10142001. I hope to see you there!

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