My Holiday “Compromise”

So I know my last post talked about celebrating Christmas alone… and all my grand plans.

Well turns out it didn’t happen and I wouldn’t feel right lying.

On the night of Christmas eve (aka last night), I received a text asking for my whereabouts and why I wasn’t at the dinner I’m traditionally at. After  a few texts between my little sister and them, I suddenly had plans to go to LA to visit.

So I realize this comes as a bit anticlimactic after my last post about celebrating Christmas alone, but I realize in my ways, this just reminds me that life is full of little compromises.

Even though I had planned to celebrate Christmas alone, my time back in the area would be concentrated with the people I cared about. I would be productive about the time that I’m here and then head back to SD where I can continue my staycation: relax, unwind, and spend enough time in the hot tub to look like a raisin.

It’s a nice thought that life (and the gym)  is filled with moments of compromise. The nights where I stay up writing papers, wake up early for work, and struggle to put the extra 5 pounds on the plate. The mornings where I realize I forgot to my meals for the evening and spend an extra few dollars buying a veggie tray at work. You might have plans, goals, or even hopes. But being ready to be flexible and go with the flow is important as well.

Sitting here and typing this, I realize that I just compared my holiday plans to buying a veggie platter for lunch. But I mean… metaphors, right?

Today ended up being a lot of fun. We visited my favorite boba tea place, I had a chance to spend time with my little sister, reconnect with a friend, and spend some time catching up and debating life’s great questions. Even though I wasn’t the hermit that I want to be, I’d say that I had a chance to recharge still.

Highlight? We went hiking today (cardio, check), and we have a gym trip planned in the morning tomorrow (weight training, check). Way to fit fitness into my holidays, spending quality time, and everyday life!

This was my holiday compromise. The best part about all of this? My prime rib hasn’t been made and is eagerly awaiting a good roasting… After that soak in the hot tub of course!

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